Useful accessories to save time and money!

Backflo Shop is an authorized distributor of Mid-West Instrument equipments and has access to several tools and useful accessories to complement your backflow test kit.

Quick Connect Test Cock Adapters

Designed for hand tight connection to connect the hoses of your differential pressure gauges to any

backflow Preventers.

To perform backflow preventers field testing effectively, adapter kits are essential. Each adapter contains an integrated O-Ring, which ensures a sealed connection for your tests.

The adapters are easily screwed on backflow preventer”s test cocks. You can then connect the hose of the backflow test kit, all in a matter of seconds! No wrench or Teflon tape required!

90° adapters are also available for connection to access limited tests cocks.

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Professional Test Cock Cleaning Tool

This handy tool allows you to clean backflow preventer’s test cocks before performing your field tests.

The plunger can easily remove debris from the test cocks and can perforate the limestone membrane that might form inside. The purge tube is used to flush debris directly into a bucket or the floor drain, for a clean and professional work.

Bleed-Off Valve Assembly – (soft seated needle valve)

Bleed-Off Valve Assembly allows you to perform back pressure tests with a two buttons differential pressure gauge , which would be impossible without this tool. This valve is also essential in certain situation to complete field testing of pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) and double check valves assembly (DCVA).

Vertical Tube Kit

The Vertical Tube Kit allows you to perform field testing on specific backflow preventers in replacement of your own test kit. This accessory is easy to carry around and should be part of your basic equipment kit to make up for an unexpected break of your differential pressure gauge when you are at a customer site.

Replacement Hose Assembly Kit

Replacement Hose Assembly Kit

Set of 3 (red, blue, yellow) 5 foot replacement hose assembly kit. Hoses are compatible with any differential pressure gauge.

1/4″ Straight Quick Coupler – both ends.

Field serviceable filter housing and filters included

Replacement Filter Kit – Set of Three

Replacement Filter Kit – Set of Three

Set of 3 hose assembly replacement kit for model 835, 845 and 847 test kits.

Case for 835, 845 and 847 models

Case for model 835: Plastic molded casing with support to hold tight the differential pressure gauge.

You can also purchase a conversion kit to convert a model 845 test kit to use the case designed for model 835.

Case for model 845 and 847: solid housing with storage compartments for fittings.

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