Lead-free products: New requirements –

In Quebec, since May 1, 2014, it is prohibited to install faucets and other plumbing accessories containing more than 0.25% in lead concentration. These new requirements are detailed in Chapter III, Plumbing, of the Quebec Construction Code and based on the 2012 edition of CSA B125.1 and B125.3. These measures seek to reduce the presence of lead in drinking water, which is harmful to health.

List of products affected and not affected by changes

For now, only products used for drinking water intended for human consumption are subject to these new requirements:

  • Water supply fittings for drinkers
  • Water taps for kitchen sinks
  • Washbasins and tubs
  • Shut-off valves
  • Automatic compensating faucets (excluding showers)
  • Supply shut-off valves
  • Integrated temperature actuated mixing valves

Products dedicated to the distribution of drinking water not intended for human consumption are not affected:

  • Automatic compensation taps wall mounted shower systems
  • Supply fittings for baths and showers
  • Supply fittings for bidets
  • Supply fittings for washers
  • Shut-off valves for humidifiers
  • Supply fittings for mop sinks
  • Lawn and sediment drain valves
  • Self-closing, rolling feed connections
  • Shower heads
  • Hand showers
  • Body Sprays
  • Anti-siphon supply valves
  • Solenoid and flush valves
  • Thermal expansion relief valves
  • Siphon initiators
  • All other products not covered by CSA B125.1 /.3
Lead-free backflow prevention device:  mandatory from 2017

Pressure reducers and backflow preventer devices for area or establishment protection will be added to the list of targeted equipment from 2017.

This is why we now recommend installing backflow prevention devices that have less than .25% in lead content on all drinking water plumbing systems.

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