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Your time is precious. Our priority: deliver your differential pressure gauge in perfect working order, quickly and at a competitive price !

Backflo Shop sells and calibrates ALL types of differential pressure gauge!

The reliability of your tests depends on accurate and precise data when performing field testing. As a backflow preventer device verifier, you will be required to have your differential pressure gauge calibrated at least annually or as required by the regulatory authority. In Canada, section 7.2 of B64.10.1-11 applies: “All test kits must be checked or calibrated for accuracy at least once a year”.

Shortly before the expiry date on your current calibration report, we will send you a reminder that your differential pressure gauge must soon be calibrated.

Procedures and checks unique to the industry in our custom-built laboratory

In addition to meeting industry standards and manufacturer recommended calibration procedures, our team of experts take expertise to a whole new level; we work in a custom-built laboratory with test station that has been developed to meet our specific needs. Complying with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) B40.100 standard, our test station is regularly calibrated and updated.

  • All differential pressure gauges are calibrated with compressed air, according to the test sequences specified by the manufacturer;
  • In some cases, additional water tests are performed on our custom-built test bench;
  • We clean and check your casing as well as the filters and we make sure the hoses are tight.


Complex differential pressure gauge repairs are no problem for us!

Our technicians have the expertise to perform complex repairs for all types of differential pressure gauges, regardless of make and model. We have access to all the spare parts and components required to repair the differential pressure gauges from all manufacturers.


Backflo Shop has Mid-West Instrument brand differential pressure gauges in stock.
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